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The lines are clean and the muscle tone is nicely shown through the latex. The colors you used for Rouge are very rich and give her a v...


Name: Eleni Pulverem

Nickname/Alias: El

Race/Species: Firrerreo and Wroonian

Current Age: 14

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 110lbs

Appearance: She is a small framed toned girl with light blue skin and gold lips. Her eyes are two toned one is yellow the other black. She often wears her hair in front of the black eye as the vision in this one far exceeds that of her yellow one so much so it allows her to see at least in one eye to the ultraviolet spectrum.Her hair is two toned. Her bangs/ front of her hair is silver whilst the rest is purple. Behind her left ear is a tattoo of a star. Her ears are pierced three times in each ear. Two in either ear lobe and one in each ear of the upper cartilage.

Clothing: A v cut fitted silver long bell sleeve shirt that goes over her hips cutting at an angle one side coming down to a point above her knee whilst the other cuts just at her hip. Over a pair of black fitted pants that lace up the sides with silver cord. Along with knee high black boots with silver soles and laces. She wears gold star earrings in all her piercings. Sometimes she is seen wearing a black eye patch over her left eye.

Equipment: A flute she keeps in a pouch on her hip and a guitar she strings on her back. A data pad that keeps her connected with the outside world. Along with a set of daggers she keeps in either boot.

Force Powers: Psychometry- It comes and it goes on a whim. She has no control over it and no real knowledge of how to even use it. Only that sometimes when the memory is strong she touches and object and it flows in to her like water. Often confusing her as she has a hard time understanding the images.

Farsight- Proving useful at times when she was being hunted by slavers she could see when they were coming and where they were coming from. Giving her enough time to get away. More using it on reflex then trained skill.

Force Comprehension- Growing up with her Wroonian Mother she found out that in their travels she had no real difficulty understanding others and picking up their native tongue with ease. Language in all forms came as natural as breathing.

Lightsaber Forms: N/A

Lightsaber: N/A

Biography: Eleni was born to a Wroonian Mother who was smuggler by trade. Her Father she knew little about, but only that he had been Firrerreo and that her conception was for lack of a better term the result of services rendered as her Father had no other form of payment due to having been a slave since childhood only recently freed by Eleni's Mother. She would ask why he wasn't still around. She would only say that Firrerreo stick to their own kind and that she as a half breed would likely be unwelcome. Despite all this Eleni was a happy child with a deep love of art and music. Her beauty was a rare thing as none had seen her like. Many times less then reputable people that her Mother would work for offered her large sums of credits for her. Needless to say her Mother often refused the jobs these clients were offering. Till one would not take no for an answer. A Hutt finding Eleni's exotic beauty and musical talents all to hard to resist double crossed Eleni's Mother and had the woman murdered. Not fully understanding but feeling like a piece of her had gone Eleni tried to contact her Mother only to find the com dead. She saw them coming. She didn't know the how or the why but she saw them. It has been two years and she has been running ever since.Making small amounts of credits with her music. Just enough to survive. Jumping port to port. Planet to planet getting a ride however she could trying to escape the slavers that this vile Hutt sends for her. Never learning the creatures name. Only to beware the shadows.

Strengths: Like the Firrerreo she has a advanced healing factor and amazing strength that one would not expect from one so small. Yet she possesses the ability to weave beautiful tales so believable that it has allowed her to evade capture and to many questions.

Weakness: Due to only one eye having the ability to see in to the ultraviolet spectrum this often leads to photophobia in the yellow eye (light sensitivity) and poor depth perception if both eyes are open at the same time or one is not covered. As a result she often leaves her black eye covered most often by her hair or an eye patch if available. She is deeply untrusting and prone to lieing to protect herself. So much so it can be difficult to disern the true nature of her past.

Personality: She is a very loyal person to those she trusts and a deeply kind and spiritual person. Music is often her only solace in life as she has lost everything. Deeply untrusting of others she is prone to lie to protect herself. So it is difficult unless you manage to get close to her to really tell much about her past at all. Self reliant to a fault it is often difficult for her to accept help from others, but more then anything she wants justice for her Mother and as a result made her willing to do whatever it takes to find out who took her whole world away.
Eleni Pulverem-FOTJ Character Sheet
Character Sheet "Everything I touch holds a memory. All too beatiful and never my own." - Eleni Pulverem
Eleni Pulverem by tearsRsanity
Eleni Pulverem
Her name is both Elvish and Latin. It translates to Star Dust. I was drawing her last night with inspiration from David Bowie. I got a call from a dear friend whilst drawing her that he had passed away from Cancer....My heart snapped....Its only Forever....Not long at all...RIP David Bowie :blackrose::rose:
She Elf Castor by tearsRsanity
She Elf Castor
Not sure who she is or her story. Just that she is a elven castor.


Journal Entry: Sat Aug 25, 2012, 3:47 PM
Well I have a habit of not updating enough, but for those that know me. Well you know my reasons. That being said, things or ok. Not at their best, but when you have a high debt when is everything ok? lol Any way, for those that are wondering why I'm around so rarely and haven't posted much anymore. I have a near 4 month old baby girl. Yes ladies and gents I'm a Mommy to a beautiful little girl. I do not however post pictures on here because I can not control who does and who does not see them. For my daughter's safety from certain people that I won't get in to I don't post pictures of my precious girl here. She takes almost all my time, but I am so grateful for her every day and thank her wonderful Father :iconxeoxeniro: for giving her to me every day. I'm still here. Still around and open for comission work. Having a baby yeah money is a wonderful thing. Need to send my wonderful girl off to school one day. ^^
-Kristin :blackrose::rose:
I Practice Wicca by phoenixtsukinoXeo Xeniro Stamp by Lead-ExileSerenity Stamp by Lead-ExileStamp- Navidan by Lead-Exile

  • Mood: Sentimental
  • Listening to: My baby girl and my hubby
  • Reading: Stories to my baby girl
  • Watching: My baby girl grow up and my hubby's expressions
  • Playing: With my baby girl and then with the hubby ;-)
  • Eating: Whatever myself of my hubby makes
  • Drinking: Pepsi, Coffee, Green Tea, SunnyD and Tangerine ;-)


Kristin A. Abrams
United States
Current Residence: With my hubby ^^
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal
Favourite style of art: Realism Anime cross (A style I have been trying to perfect)
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: My ipod Touch series 4 (Thank you hon ^^)
Shell of choice: Clam?
Wallpaper of choice: Depends on the day
Skin of choice: Kitten fuzz
Favourite cartoon character: Sephiroth,Gene Starwind,Urahara Kisuke,Sesshomaru,Naraku,Howl,Kos-Mos...
Personal Quote: "Dreams are the eyes into the soul." "One man's truth is another man's lie.

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